There is more than one artist with this name. 1) Nightmare, a Japanese visual rock band Naitomea, see ナイトメア. 2) Nightmare, a French heavy metal band. 3) Nightmare, a Japanese hardcore punk band. 4) Nightmare, an Italian progressive metal band. 5) Nightmare, a Serbian rapper. 6) Nightmare, a Polish thrash/speed metal band. 7) Nightmare, a Croatian rapper 8) Nightmare, a Colombian Heavy/Speed Metal band. 2) Nightmare is a heavy metal band from Grenoble, France, formed in 1979 and stopped in 1987 then came back in 1999 with Jo Amore (ex drummer) at the microphone, Jeannot Stripoli and Nicolas de Dominici at the guitars, Yves Campion at the bass, David Amore at the drums and Stéphane Rabilloud at keyboards. Their last album was Genetic Disorder (2007). Official site: 3) Nightmare is a Japanese hardcore punk band. Their discography consists of: self titled 7" (Selfish Records), "Give Notice Of Nightmare" LP (Selfish'89), split 7" with CONCRETE SOX(MCR'91), Be Put To Urge Rise In Yourself 7" (Bloodsucker, 1995), Footprints Of The Wind 7" (Bloodsucker'99), split CD w/ABURANABURI '03, "Early Years" CD (Hardcore Kitchen'05), "Blood Sucker Years" CD (Hardcore Kitchen'05), "Feel The Breath" DVD (Smash Your Chains'05), Scatterraw CD (Hardcore Kitchen'05), Scatterraw LP (Plague Bearer/Putrid Filth Conspiracy/Hate'06) Refugee Of Logical Society 7" (Plague Bearer/Hate'06). 4) Nightmare is an Italian progressive metal band. 5) Nightmare is a Serbian rapper. 6) Nightmare was a thrash/speed metal band from Poland. They supported Iron Maiden on one show in Poland in 1995. Their releases are Kyrie Elejson (demo 1989), Live Above Storms (demo 1990), Misterium Przekleñstw (demo 1991), The Evil (demo 1992), Cryptic Songs (LP 1993), Cold (LP 1995), Promo '96, Infernology (LP 1997) 7) Nightmare is a rapper from Croatia Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

J-rock visual kei japanese heavy metal jrock


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